Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shout, Shout Let It All Out

As said by the pop rockers tears for fears, I demand answers screams the internet, but what is this? Another blog much ado about nothing? Don't be so silly and crass, of course it is to do about something right?...right? Anyway welcome to this new blog, this is a joint partnership between moi (that's french for "get yo bilingual skills outta here) and a person on the interwebs that goes by the name of Cee, I call her my life as she is my girlfriend. Anyway, I cannot wait to see her face as she realises she is not going to be the first poster as I assume she thinks she is since this blog was her idea, me? I was forced at gunpoint to fill the internet up with more of my nonsense, grammatical error and poor jokes.

So as I first said, what is this blog all about? Well I am not too sure about all the deets (getting down with the kids there) but by going on instinct it is all about the wonderful world of photography, in other words, this will be my bin for the photos I do not feel worthy of publishing on my blog, which by the way you can find here. The point of this blog is to improve as photographers, grow as people and evolve into a site full of images from the eyes of us, a data journal if you may, a place for escaping.

Anyway, what do I have for you today? ooo, bet you cannot wait. I got coots, you maybe asking what the devil are coots, well my good sir they are birds and aww, look at this, they got nestling. These were taken at Roath Park, coots have been well recorded to nest here very well, the lake itself has its dangers for chicks though, the worst being terrapins, who are not native to this country in the slightest. So where did these terrapins come from? Well it is from lazy good for nothings getting rid of pets, anyway enough about terrapins lets see those coots.

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