Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Oops, I accidentally Introduced us.

Well, I am just going to be straight up and honest with you. I am no photographer, in fact, despite the name of this blog, one of my biggest pet peeves are those who have no experience taking photos, claim to be a photographer. I have always been told and something I truly believe in, you could take 2,000 pictures and never get a good photo, however, it is about finding that one perfect photo hidden amongst those 2,000 'eh, it's okay', 'these are bad' & the 'eh's, I am showing off and these will do'. It takes a talent that very few have to find those perfect photo's and even fewer to make a career out of that talent, but I digress.

You have already met Robson, the overly, awesome photographer with little, self esteem. He will be taking the best pictures out of us both, therefore referred to as, the supergrapher, he has spent a lot of time, money and effort into something he truly loves, wildlife photography and although he takes beautiful pictures, he picks very few he even deems worthy of showing me. Now, if you'd like to get check out his work, then please, click right..... HERE!

But, you have yet to meet me, I usually go by Cee but for the purpose of this blog and making that catchy title up there work, I will be referring to myself as Smith. I am not anything special, I would not consider myself a photographer in the slightest, but I do take lovely pictures and for a hobbyist like me, that is all I really want achieve and pursue, taking lovely, one in a chance photo's. I sadly, do not travel as much as I'd like so my one in a chance photo's just happen to often be of beautiful animals & landscapes from beautiful places.

 The purpose of this blog is to learn, what we learn, we pass onto you in friendly pointers and guides, Robson has already made tutorials involving camera equipment. We want this to be a fun project and as he is the supergrapher, that must make me (Smith) the crappergrapher! A title I have come to adore.

I do hope you all enjoy the work that we have to show you, the next blog (which will be soon) will contain some pictures for you guys to pick at! I know you are all good at that.

So, for now? Toodles

P.s:- There will not be an over abundance of 'got' in our posts any more, you hear that, Robson? NO MORE GOT! 

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