Monday, 19 August 2013

It's Been a While

Yep, it has. For numerous reasons, I haven't really gone out there and photographed anything i found to be particularly special.

However, the main photographer out of us both has also forgotten that he also has to update this blog now and again, so I am here to do it.

I am just dropping some photos i took while myself and Robson were in Cornwall. It was a fun time and due to us studying a module to do with zoo animals as well as being on an animal management course we spent three days in three different zoo's, which made for some interesting photos.

Robson always tells me that people often complain about how natural the photo's are and of course, they should over time, in a environment like a zoo, you do get accustomed to people walking back and forth, however, for someone like me who has never left the comfort of my own country, never mind experienced anything like these animals past a zoo, it is a fantastic way to broaden your horizon and opens you up to more of a world. As someone who wishes to become a zoo keeper, conservationist and all that, this is the world i want to experience and hopefully, one day photograph animals in the wild.

All photos within the blog are made small to fit inside the box, please click on the photo to see it at its best!
My first photo is brought to you from Dartmoor Zoo, alright, i will admit this photo isn't great, but i love it none the less! This is my favorite photo from the trip, that and the seals! I've never been a been able to catch an animal do more than yawn so this was an amazing treat for me!

My next photo is as wild and free as the seals, yes off the coast of Cornwall in a great big cliff with a name i do not remember! These beautiful pictures are another highlight, again, it was something i hadn't experienced before and something you had to see!

This photo has to be big, the resolution and pixels just don't like being small, again not the greatest but a beautiful one no less!

Also, here is a meerkat contemplating the important matters of life!

That's it for this week guys, i will try and keep this as updated as possible, hopefully this will drag in the lovely Geraint Robson to put some of his photographs and skills towards this.

Thanks guys! Byee!

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